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Looking back at it now, as I sit here unable to breath, speak or swallow correclty with a piece of textile in my mouth I don't really think it was a good idea. But then again who am I to argue with a trained professional? Amazing enough but true: I have made the cut for Myth Busters today by busting a few myself.

1. It is in fact NOT true that anesthetics make you go high. It does make you drowsy. I mean like I could just fall asleep on the keyboard using the monitor as a bedrest. I could use a coffee but I couldn't drink it.

2. The extraction is not painful. I honestly didn't feel a thing after being shot full of a siring load of shit. Therefor I do not wanna hear anyone about pains and fears of going to the dentist. If you do feel pain...well...it just surves you right for going to the butcher at the corner market.

3. (and most important) The tooth fairy may give you a doller for every tooth you put under the pillow but the dentist takes ~$15 for every tooth he takes out.

....oh...and as for the fact that every tooth you lose makes IT bigger is absolutely ture. I mean you should've seen the sheer size of it. I mean, black people used to run in terror if they saw it. But now....!

Anyway, before the anestetic wears of and I go back to being beligerant and insane I would like to say that this was not one of my best days and even though it was a slightly uncomfortable experience it can in no way compare to the horrors of living in this zoo you people call a society.

Have a....whatever.

......................................................................look at the pretty colors.

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You know what really pisses me off? People that can't take a hint. But that's not really what I wanna talk about. I'm really starting to hate cellphones. Besides the fact that your every second of privacy is invaded by some retard looking for something or someone or just wanting to chat you get all sorts of bastards that just refuse to understand why you can't do some thing or another over the phone. I tried. Really, I did. I even answered somebody elses phone while they were away. I know what you're thinking: "Why answer someone elses phone?". Well, I just assumed that since the person is indisposable and the person calling was a mutual aquaintance....why not? I spent about 10 minutes explaining that the person was away and could not be reached. A menior task that would've normally taken a couple of second plus telling the person to call back in half an hour. But it didn't. It took 10 minutes all in which the person kept screaming that they wanted to talk to the person no matter where they are.

Another thing I hate is when someone calls in someone elses name just to pass a message. Not only do I have to decypher the message but I also get the anguish of trying to explain to a person that has no idea what I'm talking about the details. If you're not a secretary and legally bound to calling and are not in full knowlege of the subject, please, just do me a favour and don't call.

Now, I like the idea of calling someone instead of seeing their face couse besides the fact that I don't have to worry about the smell and stare at some hideous malformation called an eye socket I can just tell them from a reasonably safe distance what I want and just be done with it. But all the useless or elongated conversations just kill me. The joke's over. It's stale. Get over it, tell your girlfriend or boyfriend or mom or whatever to just stay out of it and call yourself. And in all due respect, call, but make it short. I don't wanna spend the best part of my day (reading comics,watching cartoons, eating baby heads (cannibalism's good, yeah?) or just breathing) with useless and prolonged conversations.

I'm done. Don't make me ignore your calls!

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I'd just like to start this days blog off by mentioning the fact that I did not die yet, nor did I (sadly enough) move to another country. I'm still living my life out in hermitage with a bottle of wine or cherry living the good life. The urban myth that I am unable to die or in any way become dead is in fact true.

I'm really tired of writing about assticks that don't deserve the time of day let alone the privilege of my awesome brain mocking them. As a final punchline to all the retards considered as a mass I send as a personal gift a box of spider-monkeys to play with.

Now, moving along to another note I have to admit that I am quite displeased at the fact that no one reads my blog save a few individuals that stumble upon it by mistake. More over even those few leave without even saying a word. By now even if your screen is small and you can't see the whole post you might be able to see the small button that reads "Comments" at the bottom. I can understand that my powers of observation and the sheer size of my brainmeat could make grown men gasp and fall into despair but all the same I will accept any of your measly offerings to my supreme being.

In closing I would like to wish everyone a not so unhappy day and all that....

PS: The spider-monkeys carry a high concentration of antrax and pee acid.

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I find it ugly myself at some point that i refrain myself from any social interaction. Between work and...well, mostly nothing I really don't have the time or the mental stability to go outside. My mind just refuses to cooperate with the semi-symbiotic creatures that live outside my sanctum. Yet still, for some reason I'm still here, venting my anger and something that seems to be sadness of sorts. Let's be blunt, even if we say that we haven't, not going out means no interaction and even if I eventually build up the nerve to step out without some deathray-thing all I would find would be a bunch of meat puppets all moving to the same jig.
After spending a couple of hours reading a comic series I found myself in a weird vertigo traveling all the way down to the devils armpits, laughing my ass off at the main character, a typically antisocial goth chick and all the time realizing more and more that I need something like that. Someone funny and someone that at the same time hates the world as much as I do. I....sometimes I just don't get how life always manages to give you one over. There. I've said it and all at once. I need to sort out my shit, I really do, and I know it. In other news I finally managed to finish my first big project which lasted 2 weeks and I'm curious to see the first printed versions actually being used. It's stupid, I know and by now you're most probably thinking "This retard's going on and on to no end about his retarded life." and I can understand that. But then again I'm rambling. So how's your day? That's nice. Well, gotta go do something more interesting now.

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Ok, this has gone on far long enough. Now, I of most people understand what it's like to stay indoors as to not let all the idiocy get in but, please, someone tell me, by what extension of the imagination would anyone want to make friends with someone they've never talked to? Yes. I am talking specifically about all the retards that log on to their HI5 or MySpace accounts only to add people they've never even talked to. The following are some of the meniour responses I got after asking why someone would want to add me:

"Because you have nice pics :D"
"I don't (know you -- personal addition) but why? does it matter?"
By what broad term can I express my grief as to what the minds of some of these people might contain? I, personally, am all for meeting new people as long as they don't get any closer than 500m of me but to what ends could I use a person that all I know about is that they have a googled picture of an anime character? I'm done with this. I don't know why I'm even bothering myself with writing this shit. I need a vacation.

I have come up with a personal solution to all this and without further to do I present you with....

The Hangman game. Go play it alone and leave me out of your shit of a life.

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Although it's been some time since I've started this blog and my view count is less than exceptional I still haven't forgotten the roots to my manic ranting. So to show my gratitude I dedicate this post to all the people that inspired me to make it this far. So without further to do...

Inspirational ranters:

Maddox - maddox.xmission.com/ - One of the best (even though american) rants I have ever seen. The guy's a genous and deserves a gold medal.

Naspa Rau - nasparau.com (discontinued....god rest his web site) - A romanian counterpart of the previously mentioned Maddox that took up arms against all that is unholy in this rotten to the shits country. I thank you for a real eye-opener.

IllWillPress - www.illwillpress.com - Ill Will Press is the proud producer of Foamy (the Lord & Master) the Squirrel. As you may have guessed the star is Foamy, a blunt and fearless squirrel, and his owner Germain, a shut-in goth chick, both having a word to say about most things in life. Thank you for the hours of lovely ideas and the hours spent laughing my ass of. May you live and prosper.

Inspirational music:

Godsmack - You've all probably heard of them and if you haven't, go and listen to them or die a slow and painful death by curse. Don't make me unleash my mojo on you.

Rage Against the Machine - One of the most inspirational bands that I have ever listened to. A stomping ground for every anarchy ridden brainchild that walked the planet.

My biggest inspiration:

The biggest inspiration in my life were two friends when I needed them. I would like to thank in alphabetic order: Codrin Rapa, a person that opened my eyes to much more than I could've ever imagined and also expressed the attitude I needed to jump-start myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and guts. The second is a person known to most by the nickname "empty". A friend in need (and sometimes when I didn't need one you fucking fridge-rapist) that kept me sane in moments where I thought I'd finally crack and start massacreing people. Thank you.

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Today I ate pineapple.........I cut my hand on the can.

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E ora 6 dimineata in ziua asta "glorioasa" de marti si eu stau in fata calculatorului cu tigara in gura si cafeaua langa mine ascultand Massive Attack si mi-am adus aminte de ultima saptamana. Pe unde am umblat in saptamana aceea si pe unde s-o scurs timpul.

Pentru toti cei care nu sunt obisnuiti cu viata din Cluj sau cei care sunt prea ignoranti sa se uite la afise si spoturi, sau pur si simplu nu ati trecut pe la cinematografe, saptamana trecuta era in Cluj - Napoca TIFFul sau in numele lui complet Transilvania International Film Festival sustinut de APFR (Asociatia pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc - da chiar exista asa ceva) in care se putea viziona diferite filme, una mai stranie decat celelalte din diferite colturi a lumii. Rolul meu in minunatul nostru festival era de voluntar. Am apucat sa vad atat filme cat si tot efortul depus de fiecare om ca cei ce vin strict pentru filme sa se bucure de ele fara sa observe restul "problemelor" prin culise.

Din perioada de 28 mai pana la 8 iunie eram cu toti o familie mare, cateodata putin cam ciudata, fiecare facand partea lui sau ei de munca in anumite momente fara sa ne consultam intre noi care facea mici mari probleme si dileme cu certuri dar totul facut cu un scop nomil. Pot sa zic cu mana pe inima ca nimic legat de cinematografie nu e asa de simplu precum pare la prima vedere. Filmele sunt grele, orele de munca sunt chinuitoare, spectatorii sunt cateodata extrem de lipsiti de maniere iar aspectul estetic tinde sa fie cea mai mare problema, una desigur chiar pe primul plan. Chiar dupa primele zile de munca deja erau cei care vroiau sa fuga de la locul faptei, printre care pot sa ma numar linistit si eu dar pana la urma cu toti am ramas, cu toti am muncit si majoritatea am si baut la sfarsitul zile cateva beri platite de dragii nostri angajatori.

Si daca tot suntem la subiect de filme, de ce nu, sa adaugam si cateva filme care chiar meritau sa fie vazute:

Paranoid Park/Paranoid Park (Franta-SUA, 2007)

Alex, interpretat de Gabe Nevins, un teenager tipic, skateboarder, isi gaseste viata destramanduse in urma uciderii a unui paznic la parcul feroviar. Anchetat de politistul Richard Lu cat timp parintii lui sunt pe cale de divort iar prietena lui virgina, Jennifer il streseaza cu probleme tipic tineresti el ajunge sa ne arate ultimele zile din viata lui prin notitele lui in Paranoid Park.

Prabusirea Casei Usher (Franta-SUA, 1928)

Un film mut produs cu, hai sa fim seriosi, decenii in urma dupa cartea lui Edgar A. Poe acompaniat intr-o atmosfera foarte placuta de muzica live si poezii de Einuiea Ensemble. Proiectat la Terasa Muzeului de Arta intr-o atmosfera foarte placuta si nonsalanta era chiar una dintre spectacolele pe care orice iubitor de epoca ar fi vrut sa vada.

Viva Constanta! (Romania, 2006)

Ok. Sa nu creada nimeni ca nu putem sa avem filme bune si cu tigani. Desigur, in mod normal nu prea ar merge un film cu oameni mici si invizibili care ne fura telefonul mobil dar in cazul acestuia facem o meca corectare. Productia anului 2006 in Romania avea ca star pe Elvis Romano, un Elvis tiganesc (de parca ne-ar mai lipsi inca unu) care porneste pe drumul catre stele intr-un film care e mai mult de ras decat altceva dar de nu alta sa radem si noi de mocanie cruda intr-o setare aproape sureal de cunoscuta.

Trupa de elita/Trupa de Elite (Brazilia, 2007)

In Rio de Janeiro tensiunea extrema din cauza bandelor de traficanti in combinatie cu coruptia in fortele de ordine imping guvernul brazilian la o retaliere in forma unei trupe paramilitare pentru rezolvarea situatie prin orice modalitate posibila. De va plac filmele de actiune o sa o iubiti. Daca sunteti ca mine si preferati ceva mai noir sau poate mai psihologic, deasemenea nu o sa va dezamagiti. Setarea este foarte reala iar actiunea cumva te prinde prin tot parcursul filmului cum un ofiter, dupa nasterea copilului propriu incearca sa gaseasca un inlocuitor.

La Rabia/La Rabia (Argentina, 2008)

Daca tot am mentionat noir-ul haideti sa va zic de unul care, desi straniu peste limita cuvantului, sigur a meritat o moneda frumoasa. La Rabia este un film care vine direct din pampasul argentinian. Obscen, salbatic, scrut este printre primele cuvinte care vin in minte pe langa altele in semi-lungmetrajul soc in care doi copii fac fata cateodata instabil a imaginilor de macel a animalelor, a violentei domestice si a adulterului incontrolabil. O imagine tulburatoara in cobinatie cu desene destramate ca in pictoriale face ca filmul sa rupa orice legatura intre ea, spectatorul si lumea reala.

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It's been a while since I last posted anything even remotely significant on this page and it's been even longer since I've had any ideas that would actually interest anyone. But I'm back, and this time I don't really feel like reproducing mass-interest related topics for you. This time I'm gonna talk about something personal.

Have you ever had anything that represents you? Chances are you have. If not then you still have time to grow up. If you had it but don't you're either too old, too wise or just too stupid and lost it like me. You see, I'm somewhat of a picmic. I need a sense of order around me and when there isn't any, I get distracted, nervous. In my case I'm talking about a girl. For some of you I might seem like a really sorry-ass SOD but it's my life and I cherish what little I have left of my humanity.

Now, more to the point for those of you who had and lost "it", I'm pretty sure most of you never got it back.....and then lost it again....and back and etcetera, etcetera. I really don't have anything else to blame but myself for this. Myself, my childish view on life and my subordination towards generics. It's been quite a while and maybe it's the lack of sleep since I've been up since 2AM talking over the net with the girl in question and somewhere in between the chat lines I actually found.....well, a part of myself. Sometimes it's not what you have or that you had it and lost it that makes you see the value of something but a difference in your mentality. There are days that I see being 20 as being the same as 16 or 17 but it's moments such as these that you realize that people do change. And 2-3 years can make all the difference in the world.

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It's funny how most things in life never turn out the way you expect them to. That all your goals just disappear as you flow down a small creek with no paddle or life raft. How everything can turn upside down from one second to the next.

We all strive to get somewhere but we never really look at the scenery on the road. The distracting beauty of a thousand different other things in life. Things we can't look at or else risk falling off our high wire highway. All the different things that we could become, all the feelings that linger after just a few seconds spent with the one we love. The intoxicating fumes of a cigarette one day meant to be only a remembrance to a night spent staring at a screen with a blinking bar. Looking straight ahead. Life is too short to enjoy. We all have to run. I should doubt....

God, or whatever higher power there might be out there, didn't plan life to be pleasurable. That wasn't his work. It was you, me, them... It was all the people out there that lived, died, killed and shook this world off its balance that did that. Just stand still for a second. Light a cigarette and let the noise drip in. It's the voice of a beating, living entity. An obscure creation that has the sole purpose of making us wobble. The good along side the bad, the beautiful along side of the ugly. The things that make us realize who we are and what exactly that is worth.

I can't really say that this blog actually has any motivation or any sense for that matter but all I know is that we're all heading towards one certain moment in life when we close our eyes and never open them again. Why are we all hurrying? Why are we running head forward into an oblivion we all fear so much? You all can run if you want. I'll be here, sitting on my rock watching as everyone flows away out of sight. But if you understood anything from my mindless midnight rambling, there's always room for one more.