0 comentarii Monday, October 29, 2007

I realize that it's been some time since I last blogged something but I can assure everyone that it was only because I had nothing interesting to write about. But seeing as I actually had some time to meditate on my own life rather then that of the socials this is what I have to say: It's lonely at the top.
And I do mean really lonely. My last few weeks have been a sort of an introspection on my own life. My thoughts on everything; on my life, the things that have the biggest impact on it and so on. And you know what I found? That the most unsound thing in one persons life is love. Now before you get the idea that I've become mushy and sentimental let's get one thing straight. I never said that I was anything else. Even if I resemble a venetian god I am nothing farther from you then you are from anything else. Yes, I bleed and I love and I hate and drink and do whatever you measly mortals do. But among all of these love can be the only one that is as gaged as a cliff.
Everyone has their wish and I know this. Mine however is always the hardest to achieve for some reason. Some say that I ask for too much, others that I ask for childish things. Now I wonder what you, the reader would say? What I wish for is unconditional love with sentiments. I want to be able to hold someone and them holding me. I want someone to savor every moment spent with me and someone that will be there when I need them. Well kiddies, this is love. And if you haven't figured it out yet then I'm sure that I wished for your head chopped off a year ago.

All I ever wanted is a hug and a kiss to last forever.