1 comentarii Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life in the big city is as exciting as a bullrun. It usually takes you a few minutes to realise that you can get trampled so you realise it's not too much fun. Still single. Some times I feel like it's the only way to fly. Entering a long-term relationship sometimes seems like a nice idee. The fact that you have someone there for you "for better or for wores", but still sometimes I just look at my friends and realise why my other relationships ended so abruptly.
On other terms my exams are comeing up and I SHOULD be really stressed out but somehow I really don't see the reason to but be sure of this, as soon as I'm done with that I'm gonna destroy my body with a nice long hike straight into the middle of nowhere. Any place is better then this god forsaken city. Looking at a lot of ignorant assholes that think they're god's gift to women and the world in general somehow tend to make me sick to repulsion. Lucky you can't find a baseball bat at every corner.

0 comentarii Friday, June 16, 2006

Finally after months of tourment (and a staggering ammount of absences from class) I'm finally up for porrole. That's right, schools out. Now I can relax my day away with a good book or hopefully pleasent company. No more jocks, no more assholes that think they are better then anyone else on the planet and have the tendencies to cuss you or TRY and beat the living shit out of you couse you have long hair.

After all that grief I think I am entitled to a couple of months rest and relaxation. Hopefully pass my exam and just get out of this god forsaken town I live in. Thank the gods and to all the people that helped me keep myself together in the past few months....cheers mates.

0 comentarii Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today is the last day of TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival). In the last week me and another 100 volunteers have done our best to make the behind the scenes effort to make any and all who would dare to come and participate in this cultural event a pleasent and welcome viewing.

Sad but true that it's over. For a week we have been cursing and swearing at anything envolving the festival. Now that it's over we just can't help feeling sorry for it as the entire festival drives off in it's limos, vans and trucks and we're left on the road again missing it for another year. Maybe still it's for the best. I know I've missed and entire week of school for it and am left paying for it...nobody knows who did the same. Personal thanks to all the people who have stood along with me to make both the public scene fashionable and the privat one friendly. Goodbye and hope to see you all next year. Cheers.