1 comentarii Thursday, November 29, 2007

In light of recent events....That being nothing.....I decided to share my most introverted thoughts with all of you. The fact that I hate you. Well, I hate the majority of you. Most of you wouldn't get past my mailing list if I didn't have a moment of diplomacy. But that's the good thing about blogging. Noone will know who is actually on my little (big) shit list.

Most of you have ideas I wouldn't consider in my sleep much less in real life situations. Your logical patterns are slowly flowing into a little bottle of self preservation and self-loveing crap. You think your hog-shit is the best thing to come out of a moldy orifice. I hope that the next generation of you retards actually gets strangled by their own genital cord and that when I'm old and can't think as easily as now I hope that in a last attemt of strenuous thought my head will explode sending huge blood stains all over your pampered little faces, chunks of brain in your mouths in the hope that some of the info actually seeps into your own (dis)intelect and pieces of my skull get lodged into your eyeballs penetrating the empty cavities called your heads. I hope you all slip on radioactive cumstains and die a slow and agonising death.

I would like another frustration and anger driven rage that I love so much to Mr. Coffee. Love you man. The rest of you could die if you can't amuse me for at least a moment.