0 comentarii Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well boys and girls, today we're going to talk about something a bit less diligent as my other posts: my life. And why is that? Because my life usually sucks and since the world sucks and since this blog is about all the worldly things this would fit in perfectly.
I, however will not endulge you with all the depressing sob stories that others come with but will rather focus on those things that make my life so much more interesting, meaning both the good and the bad. Don't blame me if most of it sucks couse basicly I think so too.
To start out on an easy streak I was born on the 24th of may back in 1988 where most punks never new what life was like. Sure, I could say that I didn't see much of comunism myself but unfortunatly I was blessed with the gift of thought and recolection a bit early and so I was forced to remember all the things that went on back then. Ofcours, I don't really think it was all that bad. When you say "comunism" most people tend to think of people being taken from their homes in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again. Yes, public control and thought policeing has been a part of our past but wouldn't you want your "subjects" to be a bit more well behaved when you know what you're doing is the right thing? We do it with our kids every day. We tell them what to do, scold them if they don't....you get the picture.
Anyway, from an early age I've accepted the fact that there is a higher power out there, for what reason I have yet to discover but, hey, that's life. By that time I was thoughtful enough to also promote the idea that the more I learn the closer I am to my "maker". So I started learning and cramming and reading in various domains constantly challenging myself and others to settle my worth.
Fast flash forward......I'm 19 years old now and most of what I've added up to is a bucket of shit being out smarted by most of my friends but that's exactly why I call them friends, because they're worth it. Can't say the same about my luck though. I constantly fail in anything that concerns it.............to be continued in like 20 years.