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In light of recent events....That being nothing.....I decided to share my most introverted thoughts with all of you. The fact that I hate you. Well, I hate the majority of you. Most of you wouldn't get past my mailing list if I didn't have a moment of diplomacy. But that's the good thing about blogging. Noone will know who is actually on my little (big) shit list.

Most of you have ideas I wouldn't consider in my sleep much less in real life situations. Your logical patterns are slowly flowing into a little bottle of self preservation and self-loveing crap. You think your hog-shit is the best thing to come out of a moldy orifice. I hope that the next generation of you retards actually gets strangled by their own genital cord and that when I'm old and can't think as easily as now I hope that in a last attemt of strenuous thought my head will explode sending huge blood stains all over your pampered little faces, chunks of brain in your mouths in the hope that some of the info actually seeps into your own (dis)intelect and pieces of my skull get lodged into your eyeballs penetrating the empty cavities called your heads. I hope you all slip on radioactive cumstains and die a slow and agonising death.

I would like another frustration and anger driven rage that I love so much to Mr. Coffee. Love you man. The rest of you could die if you can't amuse me for at least a moment.


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I realize that it's been some time since I last blogged something but I can assure everyone that it was only because I had nothing interesting to write about. But seeing as I actually had some time to meditate on my own life rather then that of the socials this is what I have to say: It's lonely at the top.
And I do mean really lonely. My last few weeks have been a sort of an introspection on my own life. My thoughts on everything; on my life, the things that have the biggest impact on it and so on. And you know what I found? That the most unsound thing in one persons life is love. Now before you get the idea that I've become mushy and sentimental let's get one thing straight. I never said that I was anything else. Even if I resemble a venetian god I am nothing farther from you then you are from anything else. Yes, I bleed and I love and I hate and drink and do whatever you measly mortals do. But among all of these love can be the only one that is as gaged as a cliff.
Everyone has their wish and I know this. Mine however is always the hardest to achieve for some reason. Some say that I ask for too much, others that I ask for childish things. Now I wonder what you, the reader would say? What I wish for is unconditional love with sentiments. I want to be able to hold someone and them holding me. I want someone to savor every moment spent with me and someone that will be there when I need them. Well kiddies, this is love. And if you haven't figured it out yet then I'm sure that I wished for your head chopped off a year ago.

All I ever wanted is a hug and a kiss to last forever.

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Well boys and girls, today we're going to talk about something a bit less diligent as my other posts: my life. And why is that? Because my life usually sucks and since the world sucks and since this blog is about all the worldly things this would fit in perfectly.
I, however will not endulge you with all the depressing sob stories that others come with but will rather focus on those things that make my life so much more interesting, meaning both the good and the bad. Don't blame me if most of it sucks couse basicly I think so too.
To start out on an easy streak I was born on the 24th of may back in 1988 where most punks never new what life was like. Sure, I could say that I didn't see much of comunism myself but unfortunatly I was blessed with the gift of thought and recolection a bit early and so I was forced to remember all the things that went on back then. Ofcours, I don't really think it was all that bad. When you say "comunism" most people tend to think of people being taken from their homes in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again. Yes, public control and thought policeing has been a part of our past but wouldn't you want your "subjects" to be a bit more well behaved when you know what you're doing is the right thing? We do it with our kids every day. We tell them what to do, scold them if they don't....you get the picture.
Anyway, from an early age I've accepted the fact that there is a higher power out there, for what reason I have yet to discover but, hey, that's life. By that time I was thoughtful enough to also promote the idea that the more I learn the closer I am to my "maker". So I started learning and cramming and reading in various domains constantly challenging myself and others to settle my worth.
Fast flash forward......I'm 19 years old now and most of what I've added up to is a bucket of shit being out smarted by most of my friends but that's exactly why I call them friends, because they're worth it. Can't say the same about my luck though. I constantly fail in anything that concerns it.............to be continued in like 20 years.

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I thought I'd try something new with this. As most of you might already know I'm not the most optimistic fuckhead in the lot. To put it pretty bluntly I don't really see my existence as being something beneficial to the world. I add one more person to a list of mouths to feed, I'm another dot in the statistic where they say "We're consuming more then we're producing and the world can't last like this.". Well, if by now you get my drift then I could probably go on with a brand new list about a mile long but I don't really feel like typing all through the day.
Honestly I think anyone that read my blog already thinks I only hate. That statement is not entirely true. I still enjoy a lot of pleasures in life. Take my morning coffee for instance. I love coffee all through the day, sometimes I go through the day higher from coffee then a crack-head on dope; but there is nothing better then waking up, having 3 more smokes and drinking a huge jug of coffee while your ass flattens from sitting in front of the monitor. The thought of just wasting away makes you wanna forget about all the shit you've been through (or is that just because you're still not on this world).
Another favorite of mine is having a drink with friends (however few I may have). Sitting on the terrace of some cheep bar looking at the world passing by having absolutely nothing to do with you. We all need a little time off from reality where we can just live in our own world freely without having to think about the bad things, about what you're going to eat, where you're going to sleep, what you're gonna do next. If it's up to that then this is the next best thing after sex.
So remember boys and girls. Just take a little time off from reality. Stop thinking about all the bad things in life and just waste away with that beer or wine or coffee and just be happy about what you're doing. But after that for gods sake man get off your fat ass and do something useful instead of bitching about how the world is fucked up and nobody's doing anything about it. You're part of the problem but also part of the solution so just move those shaggy balls of tits of yours into submission and take some initiative for once.
*And another thing, stop sending me crap about how I bitch about all the problems but never do anything about it. I have the initiative and I do what I can but I am no one man army for fuck sake. I can't change things but I can give you a bit of insight about what should be changed. If you give even the slightest bit of a fuck you could see the same. I don't say my perspectives are all good. I don't say they're righteous or even right; I'm just saying they're things to be taken into account. So move you filth!*

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You ever had the feeling that the world is out to get you? Well, I do...constantly. A lot of people say god's a mean kid with a magnifying glass. Actually, he's the fucking trouble child on crack that's out for a rape.
This city is about the worse thing since Vietnam. The air stinks, you can't get a fresh glass of water if you did a ground tap and everything human is either brain-shot or a fucking moving strap-on with only one intentional use. I tried looking for something resembling decent but the only thing I found chewed me up and shat me back out while making a horrible wailing noise. I am forever nearing, entropicly, the moment where I will grab a gun and shoot the balls of a lot of people.
I need to get out of this place. I need to escape before something happens and I go ballistic. It's like a cannibal fuck-fest that just keeps getting worse. Holy shit man, they're only children. They're to old to be fucking retarded.

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My daddy used to say that there comes a time when you have to face life no matter how horrible it might be and that that would be the moment when you become a man. Well, heavens to bettsy and holy shit, this is worse then anything I could ever imagine. I only woke up at 5 AM and already I've got some unknown Netlog freak saying happy birthday. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not the fact that it's lame or that it's my birthday but actually it's the principle of the idea. One day of the year I have to remember that I'm a whole year closer to being old, gray and senile. One more year added to the unforgivable cruel fate of my humongous erect male genitalia to go limp while I shit my pants with no one there to wipe my ass. Scary thought you say? I could go on for hours.
Now to get to the other aspects. Now, I'm not saying that becoming older isn't fun. On the contrary. I can drink till my lips go numb and go catatonic from alcohol poisoning and nobody would even care to take a second glance. I can walk past the border without parental approval and tell the stingy bastards to go shove a grenade up their asses when they ask for a bribe.
But that would constitute the whole of it. In essence I'm one year closer to being a middle-age loser like the people I make fun of on a daily basis. *Come to think of it I'm already there seeing as how I still fail to graduate from school. When you become nineteen and are still in school you start realizing that you do need a diploma for everything, including getting layed.* Then comes the part that I will never understand. Why the hell would I have to pay beers for every fuck head that I come across that never even cared if it's my birthday just as long as they get free alcohol. The down part of this is that I don't have money to buy beers even for my closest friends. Sometimes when you think life by itself is a cruel and unfaithful bondage-buddy you start seeing shit like this happen. Well fuck this....

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Multe zile se termină cam la fel cum au început. Din pat în pat, zi după zi şi în fiecare seară ne alintăm cumoditatea de saltea şi pernă cu amintiri noi. De ceva vreme această treaba nu mi s-o mai întâmplat. Patul meu în tăcere zace ca în ruine iar creierul meu cedează încetul cu încetul în nelămurire. De ce să fiu atat de singur. Dar asta în sine nu e o problema dar o oarecare porţie din mine nu vrea, nu doreşte să afle un răspuns. Mă întreb "De ce?" dar răspunsul nu vine iar în întunericul etern şi tăcerea pereţilor eu îmi închid ochii şi îmi readuc aminte că le deschid în aceeas fel, sub aceeasi condiţii.

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Raining. Poring outside and I can't help but feel good about it. The feeling that it's somewhere close to a natural catastrophy. Listening to black metal and watching as the entire city gets flooded, thinking about the possibility that somewhere close a village is being flooded or some worthless piece of shit is getting struck by lightning just brightens my day. By now you might thing I'm nuts to say the least. That might be. But at least in my distorted brainwave activity I am closer to being moral then you. I am by all chances closer to being pure then you are only out of the concept that I did less wrong and in all odds most of it was justifiably. You preach on your moral ethics and ideas and concepts of perfection while ass-raping some dumb bitch five minutes later. Odds are that she's not even past 15 and you're going towards your 30s. You should be shot and we'll call it a sympathy sentence.
In other notes has anyone in Romania been fallowing the news? It's like a takeover. Everything is about the president. Băsescu on every channel. It's like all life has suddenly ceased. This crap is starting to smell big time. To fallow up for those of you that don't know about this our politicians are on the killing spree to get rid of the president. Only the other day I've heard about a new law that they want to pass regarding national security. You can guess the outcome of that now can't you? I wonder what it would be like to call the president that we elected a risk to national security. I mean like FUCK. This shit is really wrong. Now I remember and I know that he isn't the picture perfect person that he claims to be. I know he's done a lot of shit and chances are good that he's still doing them. But the thing is that he isn't a huge threat. The shit he does might be illegal but they do not affect me or you or anyone else in my vicinity. But the politicians do. The bastards steal, kill, dismantle any part of society they see fit for personal benefit. They are the plague of our country and no one gives a shit. Worse; you either blab about how something should be done instead of actually doing something or the thing that makes my stomach turn, start bitching about how great a country this is. My message for you is "Eat shit and die you mother fucking piece of shit." You're a plague to civilization and do not deserve to breath air. The upcoming vote is decisive and yes, in any case there will be hell because of it but try and to the right thing. Think about it this way; Băsescu isn't a saint but by the gods he is the most honest. He takes his cut and you don't even notice a change. You want an idiot like Becali or some other fuck that dropped out of grade school or someone that robs you blind right in your face? Thought not. Either way our assholes are bound to be widened, question remains "How wide?".

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A trecut ceva vreme de când am scris ultima oară aici. Dar nu are nimeni cu ce să comenteze. Am presimitirea că majoritatea trece cu vrederea blogurile (la alţii trec eu cu vederea că scriu versuri sau repetă o zicală mai veche sau o frază memorabilă de la un personaj istoric ca plantele, fără rost şi fără personalitate). Sincer nu mă mir că nu se uită nimeni. Majoritatea persoanelor sunt atât de închişi în prostia proprie încât se uită mai repede la un sân sau un cur decât să vadă dacă persoana are ceva de zis sau nu. Comentariul şi intelectul în secolul XXI a ajuns aproape inexistent. Asta se poate folosi ca punct de reper la toţi tâmpiţii care mi-o zis "Da' s multe bunăciuni. Ia-ţi una.". Nu vreau să trăiesc 10 minute lândă o toantă de gradul 10 pe scara Richter pentrucă "e bună rău". Sincer prefer o labă de 30 de secunde şi să trăiesc cu gândul că aud tâmpenii de la unu' sau una decât să mă spăl de prostia unei toante în baia de acid.
Mai conclusiv nu vreau să scriu aici pentrucă detest porcăriile cazului majoritar. Pentrucă sunt sătul de proşti infecţi care vin şi nici nu se uită la ce scriu sau dacă măcar am scris (aici aduc referinţă şi la alţii care mai au ceva de zis). Sunt aici pentrucă mai am prieteni şi sper că în unele colţuri a lumii oamenii au fost scutiţi de prostie. Nu prea scriu aici pentrucă vă urăsc pe voi cei majoritari cu VISE, subliniat cu caractere mari şi groşi, pentrucă visaţi despre maşini, bani şi "gagici" fără să ştiţi o boabă de română. Voi cei mirifici care ulterior cu orgoliul vostru de român ajungeţi să fiţi corectaţi in erorile gramaticale de către un maghiar. Voi care staţi şi mă disperaţi zilnic cu telefoanele voastre mobile puteţi să şe băgaţi în locuri mai întunecate. Voi cu "gagici" puteţi să le păstraţi. Dacă nu mor înainte să le futeţi o să muriţi deodată cu ele de la ceva boală chinuitoară.
În concluzie, nu prea scriu aici pentrucă vă detest pe cei menţionaţi. Pentrucă vă urăsc atât de mult încât dacă aş începe să scriu despre asta (şi mă preocupă destul de mult) aş primi 10 ani de închisoare pentru cuvintele şi frazele folosite.

PUNCT şi de la capăt.