Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Raining. Poring outside and I can't help but feel good about it. The feeling that it's somewhere close to a natural catastrophy. Listening to black metal and watching as the entire city gets flooded, thinking about the possibility that somewhere close a village is being flooded or some worthless piece of shit is getting struck by lightning just brightens my day. By now you might thing I'm nuts to say the least. That might be. But at least in my distorted brainwave activity I am closer to being moral then you. I am by all chances closer to being pure then you are only out of the concept that I did less wrong and in all odds most of it was justifiably. You preach on your moral ethics and ideas and concepts of perfection while ass-raping some dumb bitch five minutes later. Odds are that she's not even past 15 and you're going towards your 30s. You should be shot and we'll call it a sympathy sentence.
In other notes has anyone in Romania been fallowing the news? It's like a takeover. Everything is about the president. Băsescu on every channel. It's like all life has suddenly ceased. This crap is starting to smell big time. To fallow up for those of you that don't know about this our politicians are on the killing spree to get rid of the president. Only the other day I've heard about a new law that they want to pass regarding national security. You can guess the outcome of that now can't you? I wonder what it would be like to call the president that we elected a risk to national security. I mean like FUCK. This shit is really wrong. Now I remember and I know that he isn't the picture perfect person that he claims to be. I know he's done a lot of shit and chances are good that he's still doing them. But the thing is that he isn't a huge threat. The shit he does might be illegal but they do not affect me or you or anyone else in my vicinity. But the politicians do. The bastards steal, kill, dismantle any part of society they see fit for personal benefit. They are the plague of our country and no one gives a shit. Worse; you either blab about how something should be done instead of actually doing something or the thing that makes my stomach turn, start bitching about how great a country this is. My message for you is "Eat shit and die you mother fucking piece of shit." You're a plague to civilization and do not deserve to breath air. The upcoming vote is decisive and yes, in any case there will be hell because of it but try and to the right thing. Think about it this way; Băsescu isn't a saint but by the gods he is the most honest. He takes his cut and you don't even notice a change. You want an idiot like Becali or some other fuck that dropped out of grade school or someone that robs you blind right in your face? Thought not. Either way our assholes are bound to be widened, question remains "How wide?".

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