1 comentarii Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's funny how most things in life never turn out the way you expect them to. That all your goals just disappear as you flow down a small creek with no paddle or life raft. How everything can turn upside down from one second to the next.

We all strive to get somewhere but we never really look at the scenery on the road. The distracting beauty of a thousand different other things in life. Things we can't look at or else risk falling off our high wire highway. All the different things that we could become, all the feelings that linger after just a few seconds spent with the one we love. The intoxicating fumes of a cigarette one day meant to be only a remembrance to a night spent staring at a screen with a blinking bar. Looking straight ahead. Life is too short to enjoy. We all have to run. I should doubt....

God, or whatever higher power there might be out there, didn't plan life to be pleasurable. That wasn't his work. It was you, me, them... It was all the people out there that lived, died, killed and shook this world off its balance that did that. Just stand still for a second. Light a cigarette and let the noise drip in. It's the voice of a beating, living entity. An obscure creation that has the sole purpose of making us wobble. The good along side the bad, the beautiful along side of the ugly. The things that make us realize who we are and what exactly that is worth.

I can't really say that this blog actually has any motivation or any sense for that matter but all I know is that we're all heading towards one certain moment in life when we close our eyes and never open them again. Why are we all hurrying? Why are we running head forward into an oblivion we all fear so much? You all can run if you want. I'll be here, sitting on my rock watching as everyone flows away out of sight. But if you understood anything from my mindless midnight rambling, there's always room for one more.