Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life in the big city is as exciting as a bullrun. It usually takes you a few minutes to realise that you can get trampled so you realise it's not too much fun. Still single. Some times I feel like it's the only way to fly. Entering a long-term relationship sometimes seems like a nice idee. The fact that you have someone there for you "for better or for wores", but still sometimes I just look at my friends and realise why my other relationships ended so abruptly.
On other terms my exams are comeing up and I SHOULD be really stressed out but somehow I really don't see the reason to but be sure of this, as soon as I'm done with that I'm gonna destroy my body with a nice long hike straight into the middle of nowhere. Any place is better then this god forsaken city. Looking at a lot of ignorant assholes that think they're god's gift to women and the world in general somehow tend to make me sick to repulsion. Lucky you can't find a baseball bat at every corner.

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Julie said...

Very lucky, you still need a place to hide all the bodies.

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