Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'd just like to start this days blog off by mentioning the fact that I did not die yet, nor did I (sadly enough) move to another country. I'm still living my life out in hermitage with a bottle of wine or cherry living the good life. The urban myth that I am unable to die or in any way become dead is in fact true.

I'm really tired of writing about assticks that don't deserve the time of day let alone the privilege of my awesome brain mocking them. As a final punchline to all the retards considered as a mass I send as a personal gift a box of spider-monkeys to play with.

Now, moving along to another note I have to admit that I am quite displeased at the fact that no one reads my blog save a few individuals that stumble upon it by mistake. More over even those few leave without even saying a word. By now even if your screen is small and you can't see the whole post you might be able to see the small button that reads "Comments" at the bottom. I can understand that my powers of observation and the sheer size of my brainmeat could make grown men gasp and fall into despair but all the same I will accept any of your measly offerings to my supreme being.

In closing I would like to wish everyone a not so unhappy day and all that....

PS: The spider-monkeys carry a high concentration of antrax and pee acid.

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