Friday, July 4, 2008

I find it ugly myself at some point that i refrain myself from any social interaction. Between work and...well, mostly nothing I really don't have the time or the mental stability to go outside. My mind just refuses to cooperate with the semi-symbiotic creatures that live outside my sanctum. Yet still, for some reason I'm still here, venting my anger and something that seems to be sadness of sorts. Let's be blunt, even if we say that we haven't, not going out means no interaction and even if I eventually build up the nerve to step out without some deathray-thing all I would find would be a bunch of meat puppets all moving to the same jig.
After spending a couple of hours reading a comic series I found myself in a weird vertigo traveling all the way down to the devils armpits, laughing my ass off at the main character, a typically antisocial goth chick and all the time realizing more and more that I need something like that. Someone funny and someone that at the same time hates the world as much as I do. I....sometimes I just don't get how life always manages to give you one over. There. I've said it and all at once. I need to sort out my shit, I really do, and I know it. In other news I finally managed to finish my first big project which lasted 2 weeks and I'm curious to see the first printed versions actually being used. It's stupid, I know and by now you're most probably thinking "This retard's going on and on to no end about his retarded life." and I can understand that. But then again I'm rambling. So how's your day? That's nice. Well, gotta go do something more interesting now.

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