Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok, this has gone on far long enough. Now, I of most people understand what it's like to stay indoors as to not let all the idiocy get in but, please, someone tell me, by what extension of the imagination would anyone want to make friends with someone they've never talked to? Yes. I am talking specifically about all the retards that log on to their HI5 or MySpace accounts only to add people they've never even talked to. The following are some of the meniour responses I got after asking why someone would want to add me:

"Because you have nice pics :D"
"I don't (know you -- personal addition) but why? does it matter?"
By what broad term can I express my grief as to what the minds of some of these people might contain? I, personally, am all for meeting new people as long as they don't get any closer than 500m of me but to what ends could I use a person that all I know about is that they have a googled picture of an anime character? I'm done with this. I don't know why I'm even bothering myself with writing this shit. I need a vacation.

I have come up with a personal solution to all this and without further to do I present you with....

The Hangman game. Go play it alone and leave me out of your shit of a life.

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