Saturday, June 21, 2008

Although it's been some time since I've started this blog and my view count is less than exceptional I still haven't forgotten the roots to my manic ranting. So to show my gratitude I dedicate this post to all the people that inspired me to make it this far. So without further to do...

Inspirational ranters:

Maddox - - One of the best (even though american) rants I have ever seen. The guy's a genous and deserves a gold medal.

Naspa Rau - (discontinued....god rest his web site) - A romanian counterpart of the previously mentioned Maddox that took up arms against all that is unholy in this rotten to the shits country. I thank you for a real eye-opener.

IllWillPress - - Ill Will Press is the proud producer of Foamy (the Lord & Master) the Squirrel. As you may have guessed the star is Foamy, a blunt and fearless squirrel, and his owner Germain, a shut-in goth chick, both having a word to say about most things in life. Thank you for the hours of lovely ideas and the hours spent laughing my ass of. May you live and prosper.

Inspirational music:

Godsmack - You've all probably heard of them and if you haven't, go and listen to them or die a slow and painful death by curse. Don't make me unleash my mojo on you.

Rage Against the Machine - One of the most inspirational bands that I have ever listened to. A stomping ground for every anarchy ridden brainchild that walked the planet.

My biggest inspiration:

The biggest inspiration in my life were two friends when I needed them. I would like to thank in alphabetic order: Codrin Rapa, a person that opened my eyes to much more than I could've ever imagined and also expressed the attitude I needed to jump-start myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and guts. The second is a person known to most by the nickname "empty". A friend in need (and sometimes when I didn't need one you fucking fridge-rapist) that kept me sane in moments where I thought I'd finally crack and start massacreing people. Thank you.

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